The venture was a result of a joint initiative between the Economic Development Board (EDB) and Bahrain Development Bank (BDB); with genuine intentions to modernize and develop the public transport and tourism sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The initiative was the first project of its kind in the Kingdom.


The shareholders of the Company were chosen to be those groups of great need for a social and financial support within the taxi sector community; where 314 license owners were identified and invited to participate in the venture by exchanging their licenses against shares of ownership (equity) in the new Taxi Company.



The 314 shareholders represents 80% of the total equity of the Company and are mainly from elderly retired drivers from the profession, widows and minors (orphans).



The remaining portions of the equity; i.e. 20% was allocated to Bahrain Development Bank (BDB). BDB is identified as a strategic partner in this venture that supports the Company financially and by other means of supplying qualified management, skilled employees and access to other support facilities under the BDB Group.



The Company offers in excess of 450 work opportunities to Bahraini nationals of both genders (women and men) and will offer in excess of 700 work opportunities  (in aggregate) by the full utilization of the Company owned licenses.



Arabian Taxi is in its final stages of launching a new line of activity; i.e. the Radio Taxi Service; where a group of cabs will be alocated for this new service with well-developed identity and high quality of services that the Company will offer;  which would, eventually, contribute to the overall development of the public transport and tousrism sector in the Kingdom.


Arabian Taxi Company B.S.C. (Closed) "Arabian Taxi", is the first full taxi services company established in the Kingdom of Bahrain operating 24/7, round the year. Our services were officially launched on February 1, 2009 offering Call Center, Roaming  (taxi hailing) and stationed services located at different active areas within the Kingdom of such as malls, hotels... etc.